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Zeus group invites you to a journey of sensation in the serene world of the pioneering wellness center, using natural products that nourish your skin and make you feel exquisitely refreshed and rejuvenated.

Our philosophy is to revolutionize our accommodations and villas and to increase the level of service, emphasizing the satisfaction of our visitors.
The experienced healers of Zeus spa come to massage your accommodation, offering their quality services.
All our therapists have certified knowledge and are distinguished for their professionalism and accountability.

Most of our lodgings have their own atrium spa.

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Anti-stress Massage
The relaxing massage (anti-stress massage) revitalizes the body and assist in achieving physical, mental and spiritual calm.

Foot Massage
Relax tired feet. Focusing specifically on the feet, this treatment involves manipulation of specific reflex points, which stimulates the body’s self-healing process while promoting relaxation and reducing muscular stress.

Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage
Dissolve aches and strains. Medium-to-gentle pressing movements allied with the properties of our selected oils release all tensions in these areas.

Full Body Massage
with or without essential oils

Deep Tissue Massage
It focuses on the underlying layers of muscle tissue, tendons, and fascia (the protective layer surrounding the muscles, bones and joints). Full Body Massage.

Sports Massage
In sports massage kneading is long, in order to clear the muscle tension, combined with muscle stretching. It focuses on the internal tissues of the back, shoulders and neck.

Aromatherapy is the use of oils derived from plants with healing properties (herbs), to improve the physical and psychological wellbeing.

Also you can suggest any kind of massage you like and discuss it with our therapists.


Nail care at home

Hybrid Manicure
Basic or French Manicure
Spa Manicure Hydrating Treatment
Gentleman’s Manicure

Hybrid Pedicure
Basic or French Pedicure
Spa Pedicure Hydrating Treatment
Gentleman’s Pedicure

Manicure – Pedicure
Basic or French Manicure – Pedicure
Spa Manicure – Pedicure Hydrating Treatment
Gentleman’s Manicure – Pedicure


Body treatment

Aromatic Body Scrub with Spices

Body scrub based on spices, sea salts and vanilla oil, lt smoothens out the skin by eliminating dead cells, restores  power while giving energy to the body and relieves pain.


Face treatment

Age Defense – Anti -ageing, Firming, Toning

Defy the ageing process with this quintessential regenerating facial therapy. Signs of ageing dissolve as essential oils and minerals are gently massaged into the skin improving tone and elasticity. Mature skins will appreciate extracts of Mexican wild yam and vitamin A&E which provide ultimate defense against environmental elements and help maintain a youthful radiance all the way to a cellular level.


Try relaxing to the specially designed space of our sauna.

Ask us to get it ready for you, and after an hour, you will be able to get a taste by yourselves, living a unique experience.

Simple use of the sauna:            Aromatherapy in the sauna:

Aromatherapy is the ancient science of finding the correct aether oil, which with its use, we improve the quality of health, we secure a calm mind, well-being and relaxation. The high quality essential  oils our administration offers, are based on modern scientific aromatherapy. 100% biological and certified.

The use of oils in the sauna is one of the best ways for someone to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.