In Crete, there are well hidden places that even the mythical gods could not find. The Cave of Zeus in the Dicteon of Andron, is one of them. To get there, you must mark the route from the old capital of the district, Neapoli, follow the road to the village of Vrieses and Lassithi Plateau. On the way there you will see a unique nature, and you will visit the mountains at an altitude of 2000 meters from the sea level.

On the opposite side of the Plateau, behind the village of Psychro, is the mythological cave where Zeus was born, the father of all the gods of Olympus. Archaeologists have unearthed findings from the 7th century BC. Natural beauty explains why it has been a place of worship for millennia. For those who do not mind the uncomplicated road, you can continue on through Mesa Lassithi, near the Havgas gorge in the Plateu of Katharo.