Getting to know Crete through description alone is impossible. Crete is a unique experience that has to be lived and enjoyed.

Crete is an island catering to all ages, budgets, tastes and preferences.

As the largest island in Greece it is no coincidence that Crete ranks as one of the  most popular tourist destinations in the World .Endless ,heavenly beaches, old Venetian towns ,Forts and forests of palm ,wild mountain gorges and unique Archaeological sites, Cosmopolitan resorts and traditional dishes all combine to complete the puzzle of the most famous Island in Greece.

Crete has everything, which in essence means it is a completely independent island and because of its rich fertile land it produces eco friendly agricultural products with which it sustains the rest of the country.

Due to its Geographical location Crete is washed by warm seas and aired on all sides, thus enjoying a mild climate which makes it suitable for holidays at any time of the year.

The local inhabitants are hospitable, simple, hardworking people, with a strong sense of freedom and a high regard for keeping their word of honour.

In most villages the locals tend their own livestock, mainly sheep and goats, allowing them to make wonderful cheese and dairy products, as well as having large plots of land with vineyards and olive trees which are maintained year round, providing them with their own wine, raki and olive oil.

To experience the heart of Crete, to harvest olives, to follow the processing of them into olive oil, to learn of all the recipes and uses for the olive, to participate in traditional wine-making ,pressing the grapes by foot and to learn how Raki is made in an organized Kazani- Ask us about whichever excursion interests you and we will plan it according to your every wish!